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Utilize employee hiring and training services in Fairhope, AL by calling Professional Management Service Inc.

Your employees are the backbone of your medical practice. One of the best ways to help your practice succeed is to hire a great team and train them right. If this seems a bit overwhelming, turn to Professional Management Service Inc. We offer hiring services in Fairhope, AL that will help you find the best employees for your company. Of course, we don't stop there.

We also take care of:

Personnel leasing
Salary administration
Employee termination
Personnel recruiting and screening
Employee training and development

Are you ready to get an amazing team of employees without all the hassle? If you want to work with us, contact our team right away.

Ensure your employees have the right credentials

Ensure your employees have the right credentials

Part of hiring is making sure your employees actually have the credentials they claim to have.

Our hiring services include credentialing, which checks for:

  • MIPS inclusion
  • CAQH registration
  • Enrollment and re-enrollment with all insurance companies

Make sure you only hire qualified medical professionals. If you need personnel screening, salary administration or employee training and development services, reach out to us today.